Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a great day!!

After MONTHS of lurking on many many blogs, getting up the courage to comment, today my ramblings begin! I'm very loose on what the nature of this blog will be. Hopefully lots of craft will be created and displayed, opinions will be aired, the problems of the world will be solved! If not, maybe I'll just post a pretty image!

So today is a super good day to start. They voted for Barack and hopefully change will start in the free world!

So, to borrow from (I will learn how to link properly tomor - its 10.32pm!)

My nearly 15 yr old boy talks to me (mostly) happy

I had the whole day off and no children til 4.30 happy

My daughter got measured for a new Irish Dancing dress she's very happy

Spent late afternoon drinking champagne and laughing with my best friend very happy and a little tipsy

More Softies arrived for me at the bookshop and Amy Butler's In Stitches arrived in the post (with some beautiful fabric) thanks to happy happy days.

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CurlyPops said...

Welcome to blogland Daisy May!