Sunday, June 21, 2009


Winter in Melbourne is great. It's cold and you need a warm jacket and you can knit as many scarves as you like and wear them! Some other stuff thats good -

*great coffee places. I live in Melbourne so of course! But I don't live in the trendy 'inner' but where I am there are hidden gems like a place in Beaumaris called Gypsy - sorry,no weblink - but its this funky place with music, a fire, and just a beautiful environment

*I'm a little obsessed with want that life! Wow she's an inspiration and a joy to read. I did lots of crafty earthy stuff with my kids when they were little. I love reading of her adventures - it takes me back to a time when the kids were little and we had sooo much fun! (not that we don't now but teenage is a whole different kind of fun!

Some other good stuff -
*my kids
*babies (my sisters)
*Music (Mick thomas, Cat Empire,)

*winter at the beach in Melbourne
*Winter cooking - soups, stews, curries
*knitting sewing and more knitting!

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lily40au said...

I notice you haven't blogged for Blogtoberfest but I was struck by how many things you'd posted that I'd done the same things: rereading the classics (that was my thing for this and I must have read Wuthering Heights at the same time), living near the beach in Melbourne, walking, train trips to the country ... lots of stuff.

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