Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Sick of....

This blog was never going to be a winge fest but There are lots of things today I'm sick of so here goes! I'm sick of....
*teenage children arguing!
*teenage boys who think I' a monster Mum because i want him to go to bed at 11 when he's been up at 5 for 1 training session ane home at 10 from the other. Apparently because theres no school tomorrow, he should just watch t.v til - whenever!
*friends who can't make a bloody decision and because I'm the one with no husband, I have to step in to the breach - or maybe I'm just a soft touch!
*people who think because our children are not talking, therefore we don't either. Surely by this age we realise its just another freaking 'stage'
*Friends who are succesful and in London workshopping their play. sigh no thats just envy!
* noone reading this anyway so who cares.

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Leonie Guld said...

nothing like a bit of online debrief, feel better!! The only thing you left out is some ripper swear words, they can be effective. I had a silent teenager live with me for 2 years (16 - 18 years), now he is 26 and I can't shut him up!! Your grumpy day made me laugh!! thanks.