Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stuff we can do.

I still feel consumed, like everybody else in this state, and country, by the enormity of the bush fire tragedy. I can't give much in a monetry sense but there is still stuff I can do. I'll spend time on the weekend making soft toys for and the toy society(I know - its pathetic that I can't hyperlink. will work it out soon!)

and, if you live in Melbourne's bayside area there's this.

St Stephen’s Church 25 Donald St Highett have generously donated their premises as a collection point for donated goods. We are suggesting to members of the public to donate by putting something extra in your shopping trolley or look in your cupboards for goods which are within their use by dates. Goods can be delivered to the church – at any time as someone will usually be in attendance; if for some reason no one is there - please leave goods at the Vicarage Patio. St Stephens have advised that the church will be available for as long as donations are needed. Many of St Stephen’s parishioners will be volunteering to pack donated goods but they need your help.

Emergency relief teams have put out an urgent call for the donation of personal hygiene and baby care items. All donated goods will be packed into personal care kits by volunteers at the church. Kits will be packed into donated toiletry bags or large zip lock bags – so please donate these if you are able. These kits will then be delivered to official distribution centres ready for distribution. As such in addition to the items listed below we are asking for donations of packing boxes, packing tape and markers for labelling boxes.

We recognise that many in the community may not be able to assist by donating goods or money – but non the less wish to help – people may assist by volunteering to pack kits, making refreshments (tea, coffee etc) for volunteer teams operating from the church, coordinating the arrival of goods etc or even by answering telephone calls which will probably come in on my mobile. We have already had one local business donate some personal care items – if you know of any businesses who may do something similar please ask them. We can assist by providing volunteers to pick up goods from businesses. Please register your availability to volunteer by return email:

Suggested items (but by no means limited to):

Dental Care: Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Mouthwash, Dental floss.

Hair Care: Shampoo, Conditioner, Combs, Brushes. General hygiene products t& other items: Soap (preferably perfume free), Sorbelene, Deodorant, Women’s sanitary products, disposable razors, toilet paper, Insect repellent, Sunscreen lotion, Moisturiser, Torches, Batteries (for torches), Batteries (for hearing aides & watches), Face washers, Hand Towels, Band aides, Antiseptic spray, Antiseptic Hand wash. Baby Care Products, Disposable nappies, Nappy Wipes, Barrier/Nappy Rash cream, Bottles, Teats, Bottle Sterilising kits & solution items.

We have just added pet care items to the list. For many people the only thing they have left is their pet. It is important that owners can keep their pets with them where possible. The donation of pet food, feed/water bowels, leads, collars etc will facilitate pets remaining with their owners.

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